Helio Energia

Building a best in class Brazilian end-to-end solar operator

Helio Energia is a leading-edge full-service end-to-end provider of solar energy systems for commercial and industrial energy consumers in Brazil. Head-quartered in the City of Fortaleza, the Company is focussed on the development, installation and ownership of solar systems, primarily with up to 1MW of generating capacity. Through the provision of a total solar solution, marketed as the ‘Helio Solar Energy Solution ("Helio SES")’, the Company allows its customers to significantly reduce their energy costs in return for a defined and stable utility-like revenue stream.

Helio Energia has extensive expertise in alternative energy and international finance, as well as established partnerships with local and international companies, ensuring its ability to deliver its unique energy solution. Brazil has favourable and compelling energy demand fundamentals, positive pricing, climatic suitability and renewable acceptance, which in tandem with strong governmental support, translates into an excellent opportunity in Brazil for solar energy, which importantly is not dependent on government subsidies.

Delivering a complete solar solutions to support the dynamic energy needs of Brazil

  • Helio Energia has a defined strategy to exploit its first mover advantage in the provision of total end-to-end solar energy solutions to the Brazilian market. With a unique business model that is proven internationally, the Company is leveraging its in-country knowledge and experience to deliver solar energy, increase sector efficiencies and reduce costs, with a focus of meeting the countries future and predicted increasing energy demand.

    With a highly experienced operation management team, Helio Energia is building and leveraging its strategic relationships, in particular with Alubar and Solarcentury, to execute and build on its growing pipeline of projects and focus its sales efforts, where sun hours, retail prices and resources are the highest. This will enable the Company to rapidly become the best in class supplier of solar solutions to commercial and industrial energy customers in Brazil.

Helio Energia

A dynamic market opportunity for solar

Brazil is emerging as a premium location for commercial and industrial scale solar energy systems. Energy consumption continues to rise and there is a recognised need, both in the Government and business arenas, for alternative sources of energy supply, particularly in the renewable space.

Traditional sources of power are meeting saturation point and the reliance on hydro has led to grid disruptions as a result of drought, highlighting the need for an increase uptake in energy sources such as solar.

There is an increasing emphasis by the Government to create a sustainable solar energy sector. In 2012, Brazil announced its goal to have 3.5GW of generating capacity installed by the end of 2023 and the Ministry of Mines and Energy forecasts that installed in-country solar capacity would rise to 33GW by 2050.

Along with high levels of sunlight hours, there is an advantageous framework for the implementation of solar schemes. In October 2014, Brazil’s main development bank, BNDES, announced in its new financing incentives specifically for solar projects (utility scale), providing long-term (16-year) low-cost debt. The country also conducted its first solar-only energy auction, awarding 31 contracts equal to 889,6MW in generating capacity. Additionally Mini and Micro Generation laws and regulations introduced, compel local distribution companies to connect to solar energy systems and charge solar customers on a Net Metering basis.

A turn-key end-to-end solution

  • Helio SES provides a single source solution which streamlines and facilitates the adoption and use of solar energy systems, and reduces energy costs for customers, while gaining certainty and predictability in their energy supply. It is a turn-key solution that ensures ease of adoption and efficiency.

    The basis of the client company relationship is a ‘solar rental agreement’, which is entered into on an initial 20 year term. The benefits include little or no up-front costs to customers, pricing which is targeted at a significant discount rate to customer’s retail energy rates, an anticipated life of contract discount to grid pricing and flexibility through buyout and relocation and renewal options.

    Importantly Helio Energia manages every aspect of a clients’ project, from initial design, permitting, procurement, installation and financing, to monitoring, maintenance and long-term operation.

  • Helio Energia

Experience and knowledge to deliver

  • Helio Energia has assembled a team which has extensive expertise in alternative energy and finance in Brazil. It has a proven track record of delivery, having built and exited a US$1 billion Brazilian renewable energy company only 3 years ago. Furthermore, the team has existing experience in the US solar industry, where behind-the-grid strategies have driven enormous growth. Helio Energia’s success will be driven by senior management’s experience and contacts with local partners and customers, in order for Helio Energia to become a key player in the Brazilian solar sector.

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